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Boom to Bust: The Great Australian Credit & Property Bubble

The Money Bubble: What To Do Before It Pops

The Next Economic Disaster: It's Coming, How to Avoid It

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Regular What if mortgage rates went to 7%?
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Terry Australian Property Forum 13 302
17 minutes ago
Last Post By: Terry
Hot Topic Sydney Auction Results - Latest Results From APM, RPData & REINSW
Sydney Auction Clearance Rate Thread
muzza Australian Property Forum 4,802 428,487
25 minutes ago
Last Post By: Terry
Regular Yellow Brick Road has never made a profit
Ex BP Golly Australian Property Forum 1 55
39 minutes ago
Last Post By: Rufus
Regular 6 Weeks from Housing Collapse
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Terry Australian Property Forum 111 7,828
Today, 4:23 PM
Last Post By: foxbat
Regular Banks considered Foreclosing
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Blamed on a clerical error.
Rastus2 Australian Property Forum 78 2,521
Today, 4:16 PM
Last Post By: Rastus2
Regular NAB teller ‘scans death notices’ to close accounts
Rufus Australian Property Forum 2 195
Today, 4:04 PM
Last Post By: Rufus
Regular This says it all
Nothing is more sacred than property
Chris Australian Property Forum 0 56
Today, 4:01 PM
Last Post By: Chris
Regular Perth - The Bottom is here
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dachopper Australian Property Forum 29 1,463
Today, 3:46 PM
Last Post By: stinkbug
Regular Australian median land price now $237,535
New all time high and rising
Bardon Australian Property Forum 7 369
Today, 2:47 PM
Last Post By: Blondie girl
Regular Just sold in Perth. Hold or buy now?
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Madtaj Australian Property Forum 35 1,336
Today, 2:14 PM
Last Post By: Blondie girl
Regular 45% tax on foreign investment purchases?
furry Australian Property Forum 7 239
Today, 12:32 PM
Last Post By: furry
Regular Major push by Turnbull government to increase supply and help first home buyers
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Admin Australian Property Forum 14 700
Today, 10:54 AM
Last Post By: foxbat
Regular National Inquiry into Chinese Shit.
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Non-conforming building products and quality of Ozzy hovels!
Ex BP Golly Australian Property Forum 49 1,404
Today, 10:37 AM
Last Post By: Ex BP Golly
Regular China Relaxes Rules on Disposing Bad Loans
Rufus Australian Property Forum 4 139
Today, 10:35 AM
Last Post By: Ex BP Golly
Regular Rents Boom In Most Cities - up for the week, the month and the year
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Up nationally, up in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Hobart
Shadow Australian Property Forum 48 4,075
Today, 7:52 AM
Last Post By: Admin
Regular New words for property bulls
yankinoz Australian Property Forum 7 917
Today, 7:10 AM
Last Post By: Ex BP Golly
Hot Topic RP Data Weekly Property Market Indicator Summary
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Admin Australian Property Forum 292 63,300
Yesterday, 9:49 PM
Last Post By: Khaderbhai
Regular Apartment glut warning: More cranes on Australian east coast than in North America
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USianinPerth Australian Property Forum 37 1,940
Yesterday, 8:22 PM
Last Post By: Jon Snow

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