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Regular Come into my parlour...
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What is the point of this forum?
Jimbo Australian Property Forum 26 747
One minute ago
Last Post By: Jimbo
Regular Business has never been so bad: End of Australia’s mining boom threatens Pilbara Cities plan
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Alex Barton Australian Property Forum 15 677
12 minutes ago
Last Post By: goldbug
Regular Property development
Stage 1
Cindy Australian Property Forum 6 123
Today, 12:22 PM
Last Post By: Mike
Hot Topic Good News: Treasury pushing remodel of Negative Gearing for only new homes!
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Corrupt and vested real estate interest run for cover!
Timo Australian Property Forum 419 12,490
Today, 11:35 AM
Last Post By: skamy
Regular The US recovery
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b_b Australian Property Forum 16 481
Today, 11:24 AM
Last Post By: newjez
Regular West poised to join forces with Assad in face of Islamic State
Black Panther Australian Property Forum 2 94
Today, 11:15 AM
Last Post By: newjez
Regular Chronic Oversupply: Landlords hit by apartment glut and falling rental yields
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Without rental growth or capital growth, the prospects for many investors are bleak
Alex Barton Australian Property Forum 58 2,164
Today, 11:14 AM
Last Post By: miw
Regular 457s have stopped coming here
Visas granted down 25%
SittingOnDeFence Australian Property Forum 5 410
Today, 10:35 AM
Last Post By: ThePauk
Regular Know a wheat farmer??
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Is wheat land the next iron ore story??
Mustapha Mond Australian Property Forum 13 798
Today, 10:07 AM
Last Post By: Mustapha Mond
Regular AMD Piledriver FX-8350 CPU Processor
8 Cores !!!
Black Panther Lounge (General Discussion) 4 264
Today, 9:56 AM
Last Post By: Black Panther
Hot Topic Leodwald's fix to Australia's problems
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Let's not infect other host posts with multikulti rants
Ex BP Golly Lounge (General Discussion) 520 18,354
Today, 9:30 AM
Last Post By: Ex BP Golly
Regular Why there will be no crash in Perth
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Perth bears have their fantasy smashed
skamy Australian Property Forum 92 3,576
Today, 9:28 AM
Last Post By: Guest
Hot Topic Global Warming: Glaciers, ice caps and ice sheets are collapsing, and it's unstoppable
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How the planet's ice cover is being altered by climate change
Alex Barton Australian Property Forum 484 13,134
Today, 5:30 AM
Last Post By: GloomBoomDoom
Hot Topic Wake up Goldbugs, Gold Skyrocketed overnight
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Who would have thought...
goldbug Australian Property Forum 249 9,733
Today, 2:17 AM
Last Post By: Poontang
Poll POLL: Will you wait 15-20 years for a crash?
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As Steve Keen expects you to do...
Shadow Australian Property Forum 102 5,100
Today, 12:30 AM
Last Post By: Blondie girl
Regular Daily Iron Ore Price, Commodities and Precious Metals Update - August 2014
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Alex Barton Australian Property Forum 43 3,060
Yesterday, 11:46 PM
Last Post By: Guest
Regular Death of the Call Centre
5000 jobs to go
Perthite Australian Property Forum 4 212
Yesterday, 11:34 PM
Last Post By: Chris
Regular 300 Sydney waterfront public housing properties to be sold off
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Raising hundreds of millions of dollars for O'Farrell government and forcing out residents who have lived there for decades
Alex Barton Australian Property Forum 22 2,552
Yesterday, 10:25 PM
Last Post By: Guest
Regular More than one in five first time buyers are buying an investment property
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peter fraser Australian Property Forum 39 1,242
Yesterday, 9:41 PM
Last Post By: newjez
Regular Recovery of Pension Expenses
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Confiscate the family home to repay the debt to the taxpayer
vdmruss Australian Property Forum 35 819
Yesterday, 4:11 PM
Last Post By: hoofarted

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